" I thought that feeling

like that was just...normal ? "

I've been there, I've experienced constipation, bloating, severe belly pains which led me to not being able to move, or go to work, or not having the energy to go throughout the day.


I wanted to do something about it without depending on medication, which I knew would only treat the symptoms but not the root cause of my pain.

So, I went vegan and gluten-free all the way for about 2 years. And with the help of a Naturopathic Dr., I was able to balance my digestion, experience no more pain, regained my energy and clarity.


That was my own personal journey, and I am a strong believer that each one of us has to find their own "magic pill". And I am here to help you find yours.

I am Laila Rojas, certified holistic Gut Health & Wellness Coach, and my mission is to help you overcome your digestive pains, get you back the energy I know you have in there,

and create new habits that will lead to positive outcomes.


one simple conversation can change your life

Here is a little bit more about me. 

I was born and raised in beautiful Argentina, and since 1999, I've lived and traveled between Europe, the USA, and Argentina. 

During these years I've:
I moved several times (between states and different countries), had unfulfilling jobs, went through a divorce and painful separations, fell into depression, had no energy, cried for no reason, and couldn't find anything positive in life...
And I started asking myself, 
WHAT IF there was a way I could go back to the way I was and take control of my life, my energy, and innate power? 

So, I went back to school to study Holistic Health Coaching and specialized in Gut Health. Where I've learned to take control of my life by becoming my own advocate, being mindful of my relationships, the foods I eat, how to decrease stress,  and how to turn the chattering mind into a calm and clear mind. Basically, I became the CEO of my own health.

If only, what If ?

I've completed my INHC and Gut Health Coach certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), where I learned coaching methods, reasons why we are so unhealthy, how to help my clients with their chronic diseases, practical lifestyle techniques, different dietary theories; from Ayurveda, gluten-free, raw, vegan, to macrobiotics. For more info, click this badge: below. 

Want to become a Health Coach for your own benefits or to help others? Check my blog post here.




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