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Hello beautiful,

I am Laila, certified holistic Gut Health & Wellness Coach, a traveler, photographer, foodie,

& lover of all things that make us feel good.

My mission is to help men & women get more energy and clarity, sleep better, get to their ideal weight, create new habits that will lead to positive outcomes, control stress (if you feel like are experiencing it), and more!


If you feel like you want to make some changes for better, and don't know how: 

perhaps you want to control stress, get over chronic fatigue, stop those mood swings,

say bye-bye to allergies, cravings, create new habits,

learn how to control digestive issues, and even learn

how to cook easy meals for the week.


Then book a Discovery Session and learn how to take ACTION steps

to finally reach your so desired goals.



plus tips, delicious recipes, and information to help you live the life you want! 
Here is a little bit more about me. 
I was born and raised in beautiful Argentina. I come from a family of artists, with a sense of community, family gatherings and cooking delicious meals every day. Going out to dinner was reserved for special moments. 

About 19 years ago, I decided to leave Argentina to explore other countries, and I remember telling my parents I was coming back after a year. Well, I never did, as I was having a great time!

I was not only having fun but during these years I've experienced many things and learned from each one of them:

I moved several times in the states and to/from different countries, and learned how to start from zero every time.
I had unfulfilling jobs but learned how to appreciate the opportunity and the teachings they offered.
I learned to find the love for working out and what really gave me energy or relaxation.
I tried different diets but none of them worked for me until I found a way of eating that was ideal for my lifestyle and body.
I went through a divorce and painful separations, but I took the necessary action to move on with the help of a therapist.


I also fell into depression; had no energy, cried for no reason and couldn't find anything positive in life...
I felt I was going through life in neutral.

I knew this was not the way I was. Somehow along the way, I let life take over.

I blamed other people and myself.

I tried to find the answer in self-help books, listened to many gurus, studied other languages, and new hobbies.

Nothing was helping.

What was I doing wrong?


My life was out of balance, and I realized I needed to wake up and do something about it.

I took ACTION, and it was the biggest and best decision I made in many years! 


I went back to school to study Holistic Health Coaching (see below) and specialized in Gut Health.

I learned to have my power and voice again, to communicate, set healthy boundaries, to love myself with my "perfect imperfections", to calm the mind with meditation, loving my workouts, I started to enjoy the simplest things in life, and I can now see beauty everywhere I go.


You may think " But Laila: how all of these life experiences apply to me?


Because of all of these, all of my learnings, that I dedicate my time to show you how you can live your life the best you can, and be happy with every decision you make.

So I ask you:

what is it you want to do

but don't know how or where to start?

I completed my INHC and Gut Health Coach certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), where I learned coaching methods, why we are so unhealthy, how to help my clients with their chronic diseases, practical lifestyle techniques, different dietary theories; from Ayurveda, gluten-free, and Paleo, to raw, vegan, and macrobiotics, and everything in between. For more info, click this badge: