How to make Almond Milk

If someone had told me years ago that today I would be making my own almond milk I would have said “psssh sure yeah, mmmno”.

Well, it’s incredible to learn that with time, we can implement new habits into our lives, even if at the beginning scares us like..a lot!

The reason why I started making my own, its because of all the extra ingredients there are in one carton of milk. So this allows me to know exactly my body is getting, and because I LOVE prepping my own things at home!

This is a surprisingly easy recipe to make, and it only takes 2 ingredients - water and almonds- for the plain version.

Ingredients (makes 3 cups approx.)

  • 1 cup almonds

  • 4 cups of water


  • 1 tbsp raw honey or 2 dates (soaked in water and pitted-so they will blend easily)

  • 1 pinch of salt

  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract


  • soak almonds in water overnight - make sure the water covers the almonds for about 1 inch

  • next day, drain and rinse the almonds

  • grab your blender and combine the almonds with the 4 cups of water and the optional ingredients

  • blend in medium speed for about 3 minutes, you will see the mix turning white

  • place a strainer and cheesecloth* (optional) over a wide mouth container

  • press and/or squeeze until the almond pulp is as dry as it can be

  • save the almond meal or almond “pulp” and find out what you can make with it here

  • transfer the milk into an air-tight container (i use a big jar) and refrigerate for up to 3 days.

  • shake before using

*I use a super fine strainer

Enjoy it by making lattes or smoothies!

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