What's your gut telling you?

"All disease begins in the Gut" - Hippocrates

Did you know that The Gut is the KEY to overall health?

Your Gut is your largest sensory organ, and it can be beneficial to bring awareness to the feelings in your Gut, and how the feelings may be impacting your health.

Eating well can help us prevent Type II Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and many of the 170 conditions that are connected to GUT HEALTH.

The Gut is also called our Second Brain as it has been found a connection to the Brain. Your Brain affects your Gut health and your Gut may even affect your Brain health. The gut-brain axis refers to the physical and chemical connections between your Gut and your Brain. 

Neurotransmitters and other chemicals produced in your Gut also affect your Brain.

By altering the types of bacteria in your Gut, it may be possible to improve your Brain health*. And by altering the type of thoughts we have, we may improve our Gut + Digestion + one or many of those 170 conditions that are generated in the Gut.

What we put in our body (food, drinks, skin care, etc) is as important as the thoughts we have every day.

Are you having joyful and loving thoughts, or are you thinking about how much you hate your work/boss, or how you are not good enough to do this or that...

Stop and reflect for a minute. Are they joyful or not so much?

It is time we realize, and put in practice, that the way we eat not only affects the health of our stomach and weight gain/loss, it also affects our Brain.

90% of all disease can be tracked down to un unhealthy Gut:


can't tolerate certain foods

gas and bloating



skin irritations

mood swings

low libido




memory loss

brain fog



joint pain

lack of energy

difficulty sleeping

Just to name a few!

If you have said YES to one or more of these symptoms, you are not alone. We may think it is normal to feel a certain way, but it is not!


When we feel sick, the most common thing to do is to get medication to mask the pain, but, has your doctor ever asked you "what is going on in your life that is causing this pain in your body?" "How can I better heal you?"

We are designed to live a disease-free life if only we let our body do its job. In order to get healthy, we must get to the root of the problem. How? Perhaps by changing jobs, partners or friends, changing home, cities, the way we eat, how we exercise, we can then start feeling better. It takes time, but you are going to get there.

Here are a few tips, but please, consult with your "doctor" of choice (naturopath, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda):

  • Consult with your doctor: to get the answers you need in order to feel great, if you don't like your doctor or he's/he doesn't listen to you or asks questions and only hands you pills, then I suggest find a practitioner that will work with you and for you to get healthy in the most natural way possible.

  • Start meditating or breathing exercises: to calm the mind. Remember that I said the brain is connected to our gut? So that means, a calmer mind will help with digestion, lower stress and even ease the pain in the body.

  • Movement: exercise, dancing, walking, etc. Body movement boosts the "happy hormones", reduces stress, makes you smile, tones your body and it also helps with digestion!

  • Way you eat, I have a few points here: chew your food between 20-30 times per bite, eat more whole foods (greens, fruits and unprocessed foods), eat at a table without any distractions, just focus on your plate and whats in it.

  • Drink plenty of water: it helps with digestion and removes bad toxins from your body. The ideal is said to be 1/2 your body weight (pounds) in ounces. 110 lbs / 2 = 55 ounces.

Small steps, are better than none.

Wishing you health and happiness,

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