What is a Health Coach?

I've decided to become a Health Coach because I believe we can all change the way we live our lives and be healthy by changing a lot or a little. Our minds and bodies are so connected that many times we let our minds take over and we live in auto-pilot.

Well, let me tell you, we can reverse that.

In my case, studying with IIN helped in many ways:

  • I got to test all the theories on myself, so I was my own guinea pig...

  • I learned how to cook for better health

  • Now I take time for myself, I feel I have a voice and my internal power activated

  • I trust that I do the best I can for the people I love, including my clients and me​

  • I learned how to cook different foods! and that simple dishes go a long way

  • I learned how to listen to other people, be more empathetic

  • I learned to love my body and accept that sometimes today is not a good day to work out

  • I am enjoying myself more, allowing to do things before I wouldn't do because of fears, I take care of myself in a way I've never done before

  • And what's very important is that I respect my decisions and my choices

By learning all that I could about myself, I am able to help other people that are going through similar experiences. And these are some common questions:

  • How do I do this?

  • How can I be better?

  • How to make changes that will last?

  • What should I eat?

  • How can I be happy?

  • How can I eat healthier without going on another diet?

  • How can I have more energy?

All of that we learn in school, we implement it on ourselves, and therefore, we help others grow as much as they can.

So, do you want to grow and help others as well? Here is more info:

A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority who works with clients to help them feel their best through food and lifestyle changes. Instead of prescribing one diet or way of exercising, Health Coaches tailor individualized wellness programs to meet their clients' needs. (1)

One size does not fill all, and bio-individuality is vital. We are all unique, having different needs and desires than our families and friends, one person’s food is another person’s poison. And this is how we work with each one of you.

Health Coaches work with people with one or more of these health concerns:

• Obesity/overweight

• Food allergies, intolerance or sensitivities

• High stress

• Digestive issues such as bloating, gas, constipation, acid reflux, symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

• Families who are trying to follow healthier diets

• Cravings & tired of dieting

• Lack of Sleep

• Low energy during the day

To learn more about how I work and the programs I offer, click here - or pass my contact info on to someone you care about!

Do you want to become a Health Coach or know someone who may be interested?

To know about the school and the program, click on the links below:

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition program and my experience with the program.

If sticking to new habits - like planning weekly meals or cooking healthy meals - tends to get lost in translation, you’re not alone dear one. Getting consistent is a big deal for your wellbeing. That’s why I created two 1:1 Bring your Healthy Back Coaching Programs to support you through each step of the way.

Curious if coaching is right for you? One simple conversation can change your life.

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