I'm scared...

What’s that big goal that you’re struggling with, dear one?

Is it the same goal that’s been on your list for weeks, months, or years?

Are you mad about your life circumstances because they are standing in the way of doing what you love? Or, what you want to achieve? Are you frustrated with all of the different things you’ve tried, and nothing seems to be sticking or working?

You're not alone.

I can relate to all of these, oh yes I can.

Do you know what I’ve discovered? It was not the fault of people or circumstances, it was me all the way. My doubts, negative self-talk, excuses, insecurities, and fear were getting in my way. I was holding myself back from my own power and my desires.

What’s holding you back?

Here are the most common blocks I see in people I work with:


You wait until everything in your life is 100% perfect to take the first step: I have too much work; When I get XYZ, I’ll do it.


You’re always giving to others but never accept the help you need to accomplish your goals: no, thank you, I’ve got this.


You are on the go all the time, that when it takes time for your goals, you feel exhausted and have no energy: to exercise or cook healthy meals.


You compare your life with your friends or social media: the grass is always greener on the other side: I will never get there, why should I even start?.


You’re always thinking of the worse that could happen (guarding yourself). Thoughts of self-doubt and lack of confidence come in: I don’t deserve this; I will never change; I don’t have what it takes; This is going to cost me a fortune.


You’ve always said yes to everyone and everything. You have a hard time saying NO because you’re afraid they won’t like you or love you anymore. This way you end up with no time for your goals.


Fear of failure, rejection, disappointment, what people may think, having to deal with what’s deep inside of you.

Not having a plan

You don’t know where or how to start. You read a book or take a course here and there, but nothing seems to work: I don’t know what to do.

Let’s play a game (read and answer the following questions):

1) You're doing at least one thing to get in your own way, right now. Which is it? How are you holding yourself back?

Many people focus too much on trying to overcome 3 problems:


Could it be that you don't know what to do?


Could it be that you're scared?

Distractions... e.i: social media

Could it be you don't feel enough?

2) What's the #1 block to your success, right now?

Is it Fear?

Let me tell you a secret: fear is a mask for desire.

There's ONE single solution to all the ways you hold yourself back.

You need a goal so freaking big that nothing will stop you!

3) What's YOUR goal, that's so hugely big, that nothing but NOTHING will stop you?

With love and health,


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