Make your own Sauerkraut

How to make Sauerkraut at home!

First, I want to share the health benefits of cabbage and why you should be eating this wonderful vegetable:

~ rich in dietary fiber

~ calcium, magnesium, potassium

~ high in antioxidants

~ anti-inflammatory

~ anti-cancer properties

~ supports the digestive tract

~ improves heart health

~ skin health and vitamin C

~ it contributes to weight loss

~ improves brain health

~ stronger bones

~ regulates blood pressure

~ reduces muscle aches

~ speeds up the healing

~ great source of probiotics - ideal for gut health

So basically, this is an inexpensive vegetable with tons of benefits!!

Here is the recipe:


-1/2 red or green cabbage - finely sliced

-1 to 2 tsp sea salt

-1 or 2 glass jars- disinfected


~Ginger: shredded or chopped

~Garlic: shredded or chopped

~Carrots: shredded or chopped

How to

1. Add cabbage and salt in a large bowl

2. Use your clean hands to massage or scrunching the mixture for about 10 minutes until the juices of the cabbage start to show up.

3. Add the optional ingredients and mix well.

4. Transfer the mix to the jar, and press it all the way down until the juices cover the mixture.

4. If the juice is not enough, add salted water until you cover the cabbage up about 1/4 inch.

5. Cover with the lid and let it sit on room temp for a minimum of 3 days. That’s enough for the mix to start the fermentation process.

6. Don’t forget! Every day, open up the jar and press the mixture down.

7. After the 3rd day, you can place the jar in the fridge and start enjoying it!

Happy health gut my friends!

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