Positive and Negative Stress

Did you know that there are positive and negative ways of experiencing stress?

Yes. Positive stress is related to a situation with a great outcome, and negative stress is what I am sharing with you today…but hey, it has a great ending!

What does stress mean?

The definition of stress is “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” Here are some of it's synonymous: strain, worry, anxiety, trouble, and tension, to name a few. If we look at the numbers, 75% of adults have reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress, and half have experienced an increase in stress in the past year. This is caused by short or long-term factors. For example:

  • divorce, separation

  • loss of a job

  • death of a loved one

  • emotional problems

  • working long hours

  • financial worries

  • traumatic events

  • moving

  • relationships

  • past events

How does stress affect our bodies?

Well, all of these symptoms affect our bodies in ways we can't see, and what we can't see we believe it doesn't hurt us. But pay attention. The body doesn't know the difference between a dangerous situation (imagine being chased by a mountain lion) and work-related anxiety, or any other activity that makes us feel this way. Think about this, how many times were you chased by a mountain lion, and how many times you experienced anxiety at work or school or while driving?

Take a minute and count in your head.

What’s the winning number? For many of us will be the latter: work-related anxiety or life events. If your highest number was being chased by a mountain lion and you are reading this, I am so happy you are safe and alive!

How does our body react to stress?

When our body is under constant negative stress, we experience physical and psychological symptoms such as:

  • sweating

  • mood swings, including anger

  • depression

  • fatigue

  • sleep issues

  • rapid and shallow breathing

  • constipation and poor digestion

  • increased blood pressure

  • higher cholesterol

  • lower bone density

  • increased heart rate

  • risks of heart attacks

  • lower libido

  • muscle tension

  • weight gain

What can you do to feel better?

Ask and identify: ask yourself the following questions, and answer them in the most honest way possible. Hey, this is your life and health we are talking about:

  • What's causing stress in my life?

  • Do I want to get to the bottom of it?

  • What can I do to feel better?

  • How much am I willing to change to live the life I desire?

  • Do I understand this is my only and precious life?

  • Am I willing to take action?

Many people need someone to guide them through these changes, I for sure did! And it is okay. If you are afraid of taking action or don't know how, but are fully ready to commit to your wellbeing, I can help you. You can contact me to set up an initial complimentary session with me where we will talk further about what it is that you want to accomplish, learn and conquer, and I can tell you how I can help you live a radiant life, your life.

If this is not your cup of tea for today, please continue reading.

So, what can we do in moments of stress?

Take note: some changes may or may not happen overnight, just be open and patience. Ok. With that in mind, here are some ideas:

Meditation: Find a guided meditation on YouTube or Podcasts related to stress. There are free offerings from 5 minutes to even 60 minutes or more! So, pick the one that will work for you today, even 5 minutes is great! Sit back, listen, breathe, and practice. If you could do this on a daily basis…oh, my…!!! Then, once you find your favorite “voice” and are ready, you can add more minutes to your practice.

Breathing: Close your eyes, take a slow breath in through your nose, feel the air going up your nose to your brain, then to your lungs and belly, exhale through your mouth for a count of 4 to 8. Repeat ten times and increase over time.

Detach: from your office, home, situation. Take a walk around the block or the park. Look up, look at the trees, smell the flowers, pet a dog. Leave your mobile behind. “Walk it off.” If you can, do it for 20-30 minutes.

Writing: if you can’t talk or express your feelings, grab a pen and paper and write (I found handwriting is more useful). Write down what bugs you right now, or if it’s something from the past write it down as well! Don't be afraid of what comes out, no one will read it but you. Write until you have nothing else to in your mind, let it all out dear one. Then you can either toss the paper or keep it, that’s your call.

Social life: No, I am not talking about social media...Spending time with friends has been shown to provide stress-relieving benefits, so why not? Now, try not to drink alcohol as it affects you differently. Instead, grab a cup of tea, take a walk in nature with your friends. Having someone to talk to can make you see the problem with different eyes.

Exercise: this can be a short walk, run, swim, yoga, or go to the gym. Once your blood starts moving again, you will feel amazing!

Music: Listen to your favorite music and dance! What are those old or new tunes that make your body move or make you want to sing aloud? Do it. Do it now. Play the songs that make you sing and shake your body like there is no tomorrow. Why? Same as above, it will move your blood and energy around and probably will give you enough clarity to resolve the issues that are making you feel stressed.

All of these ideas can work if you put them in practice, and you will notice a difference in yourself, how you react to situations, and how you interact with other people.

What’s your way of releasing negative stress?

If sticking to new habits - like meditating or exercising to reduce stress - tends to get lost in translation, you’re not alone dear one. Getting consistent is a big deal for your wellbeing. That’s why I created two 1:1 Bring your Healthy Back Coaching Programs, to support you through each step of the way.

Curious if coaching is right for you? One simple conversation can change your life. BOOK YOUR FREE CALL NOW here with Calendly.

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