I believe you don't need to feel like this forever

I believe that healthy living is more than just what’s on your plate.

The way you choose to fuel your body, mind, and soul ultimately affects how you feel and function daily. 


I believe that each person has unique food and lifestyle needs. Which is why many fad diets fail in the long run. By giving your body nourishing foods, you'll naturally have less desire for unhealthy foods.


I believe that everyone has the potential to live a healthy and fulfilling life. The journey may be challenging, but all the work you'll put into it, it's gonna be worth it.

You may keep repeating I'm too busy at work, or I don't have the time, or this is not the right time. 


Let me tell you a secret, there will never be a perfect time to care for your wellbeing or doing the things you've been dreaming to do.


How many times have you put your needs to the side because of your job, your loved ones, or X, Y, and Z?

How about if you are ready to jump into your life?

How about making the changes you've been wanting to do since...you don't know when?

How about giving yourself a chance for once?

Can you imagine how you'll feel when you finally do it?

This is why I do what I do, to help you, guide you, and support you to get to that place where you want to go.

By working with someone who's done the work (like me :)), you'll be able to cut through the chase and get a clear plan of action.


  • are tired most days

  • have low energy and fatigue

  • your skin looks different

  • experience bloating, constipation

  • drink caffeine to wake you up

  • crave lots of sugar

  • you are under constant stress

  • experience sudden mood changes

  • don't know what to do or where to start


  • boost your energy levels to get you back to your active, radiant vita

  • improve digestion and gut health - the key to mind-body health

  • incorporate healthy, whole foods into your diet in a way that works for your unique body

  • renew your relationship with food

  • establish mindful eating habits

  • reduce stress and implement techniques to feel calm and grounded

  • find ways to move your body that you actually enjoy

  • feel empowered by the choices you make every day


I work best by taking a holistic approach to health meaning, everything that's going on in your life is as important as what you do, eat, and think each day.

I don't give you a diet, instead, I help you eat healthier and remove what harms your body & mind, from inside and out.

You'll achieve life-changing results by working on the root cause of the imbalance in the body and mind.


  • 12 private bi-weekly coaching sessions {45-60 minutes video or over the phone}

  • Mini-guided meditations or breathing exercises during the sessions

  • Relevant handouts, cooking tips, and meal planning guidance

  • Email support in between sessions 

  • You have me as your guide and support system throughout the entire program

Your investment for the Whole You Journey Program

1 Payment $1950usd or 6 monthly payments of $355usd.


Curious if this program is for you? Send me an email to laila.healthcoach@gmail.com

with your questions or concerns. Or, book an Initial Consultation here.


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